Izmit Vocational and Technical High School is located in most densely industrialized city of Turkey(Kocaeli just next to Istanbul).

We are affiliated school of The chamber of Industry of Kocaeli(consisting more than 1.000 big scale factories) and has strong bonds with industry in our area since 1945

As a Vet- Mobility Charter Accredited School, more than 50 students of ours have motilities every year. During our motilities, all the obstacles we encountered thought us how a perfect vocational mobility have to be and we founded Vocational Mob.

The first and most crucial step is to find an appropriate company for your students’ and projects’ needs. Vocational Mobility offers you wide range of company options. You can easily find best option for your students and arrange documents about your mobility via Vocational Mob.


Our city is the most densely industrialized city of Turkey and is home to many world-wide known companies. Since 1945 our school has been in cooperation with companies that lead industry. Our school has 8 main departments and each department has its own cooperation network with companies. Throughout the year hundreds of our students experience quality trainee-ship periods within companies. Now it is time for your students!

Via Vocational Mob you can easily find the best option for your needs.

You can contact us from vocationalmob@gmail.com