Kandıra is a small town by the Black Sea, where blue and green, sun and sand embrace each other; Although it was mentioned  in some sources, that the legend of the Sits, Aces and Amazons lived here in the 3000s before Christ, The history of Kandıra dates back to the present day with the Romans, Greeks, Byzantines and Ottomans. It is mentioned that the local people in the  7th B.C  were composed of Mis’s and      Bebriks who came with the Aegean migration tribes in the 1200’s also  Megarali’s settled on the same dates.

Coastal towns such as Kefken, Kerpe, Bagırganli, Kumcagız, Cebeci, Sarisu, Pınarlı on the Black Sea coast of Kandıra are subjected to too many visitors especially during the summer months, and tourists from nearby areas like Izmit, Istanbul, visit these towns. Especially on weekends it is more crowded than usual.

Kerpe Beach, one of the six blue flag beaches in Kocaeli, is one of the most preferred beaches for daily visits. On the beach with a length of 500 meters; Facilities such as toilet, shower and changing cabin, sun loungers, umbrellas and parking are available. Kerpe Beach, where the disabled are not forgotten; safe swimming area, lifeguard team, medical team and private sunbathing It is also a priority choice for families with children. Kerpe Beach, which is not affected by the fierce and wavy waters of the Black Sea, awaits its visitors with its clean sea and thin sandy beach.

Kerpe is one of the most special holiday resorts of Kandıra… The cliff formations of the “Kartal Kayalar” on the Kerpe coastline are a wonder of nature… Whether you are fishing, camping or diving into the deep blue waters. Here; It also offers extraordinary opportunities for nature and photography lovers.

Sarısu Beach has a 1 kilometer long coastline. With its unique atmosphere that includes every shade of the Black Sea green, it is a wonderful settlement especially popular with camping enthusiasts. The beach, which is a natural wonder with its thin sandy beach, is among the priority routes of camping and caravan enthusiasts.

It is also enjoyable to travel by canoe in the presence of carp, freshwater perch, various water fish and brook birds in the Sarısu Stream, which glides through the trees.